The idealistic innocent childhood, which started on the farm during WW11 then to the sea, will draw you back in time

It is safe for a child growing up with no parental restraints – Sarah learns self reliance, discipline and independence, which have been the education to carry her through life

Sarah’s parents are experiencing their own freedom after the end of the war

She arrives relatively unscathed but unsure about her approaching marriage – there is no alternative for a woman in the late 1950’s. 

The virginity she did not know she had is lost to the man she will marry

The Female Eunuch and Cleo Magazines were her awakening and education in the 1970’s -

Come with Sarah on her journey of change, in a time like no other, from radio then black and white television to iCloud from horse and sulky to travelling the world with her ever present and constant companion ‘the watermelon’


What did you expect? Has your life turned out as you imagined when you were young?  My expectation came from the cinema, the romance and first kiss which faded to magical scenery and  romantic music which lead you to believe in a happy ever after.

I found out 'love is not blind - it's illiterate' - maybe you had no expectations! 

Tell your story in ' Time for Tea' on my blog. In the real world away from the cinema - my parents were my role model.

Please read my story and tell yours!!

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